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Get to Know Us

Askon Design Center, with its 91 years of metalworking experience, designs and manufactures high quality products with its unique brands that you can use for generations in various environments, meet many needs, and can be a part of your daily life. Askon Design Center, which delivers its products to its users in 67 countries with its wide logistics network, provides the difference you want to capture in living spaces with complementary furniture and decoration products brought to life by expert designers.

It provides both B2B and B2C services to its national and international customers with a team of 64 people consisting of brand managers, designers, product development experts, e-commerce experts, customer representatives, production, packaging and shipping employees.

Askon Design Center, as a company that has been selected as the happiest workplace in Turkey (Happy Place to Work) and received the "Great Place to Work" certificate, prioritizes employee satisfaction. In line with its global and inclusive growth strategy, it attaches importance to ideas that express different lifestyles, expands its audience by collaborating with different designers from different countries, and continues to make a name for itself in the international arena.

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Sedex Certificate: Commitment to Responsibility and Trust!

We take pride in obtaining the Sedex certificate at Design Center. This certificate reflects our dedication to business ethics and social responsibility. By continuing to support our commitment to creating a fair, ethical, and sustainable supply chain, we will persist in being your reliable business partner.

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